How to Get Treatment at Castle Craig as a UK citizen

Our private rehab clinic in Scotland, Castle Craig Hospital is a contractor to the NHS. We have been treating patients with addictions through NHS and social service funding for over three decades. As a result, if a patient does not have private medical insurance or cannot pay privately, they can apply for funding through the NHS or social services.  

If you have already secured NHS funding, then contact our admissions department directly. If you do not already have funding with the NHS or your local social services, then you need to contact them first.

How to Get Treatment at Smarmore Clinic as a UK citizen

UK citizens who do not already have NHS funding in place are advised to seek treatment at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic in Ireland. There is a way to arrange funding for your addiction treatment through the new EU cross border healthcare directive. Find out more about the steps for admission here.

Who Can Apply for Rehab Funding with the NHS?

Patients who cannot cover treatment costs privately or through a private healthcare insurance, need to apply for rehab treatment through the NHS system. The first step is to ask your GP to refer you to your local addiction services who will then arrange a meeting with you before a referral is made.

As a common prerequisite, people have to prove they have explored local community-based treatment options before the NHS will agree to fund treatment at a residential rehabilitation clinic.

Castle Craig is a contractor to the NHS. Social work departments or clinical commissioning groups fund treatment for our NHS patients.

Unfortunately, accessing residential rehab via local addiction teams is a long process, which may take months or even years and may have an unsuccessful outcome. Every local region has a different procedural system for funding residential rehabilitation.

However, there is now an easier way to access treatment at our Irish clinic, Smarmore Castle. Read more about it here.

How To Apply For Funding with the NHS

If you are from England, Wales, or Northern Ireland the admissions process will be slightly different. Click the links for your particular case to find more information.

Contact Us

For any other questions about NHS funding for alcohol and drug addiction treatment at Castle Craig or Smarmore Clinic, email us or call our London office on 020 3468 6602.