Residential Rehabilitation

Private Residential Rehab

Our dedicated team at Castle Craig London organises individual medical assessments and refers patients to our residential rehab treatment clinics in Scotland and Ireland.

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At Castle Craig Hospital in Scotland and Smarmore Clinic in Ireland we treat alcoholism, drug addiction, other behavioural addictions such as gambling, and dual diagnosis. Our addiction treatment model has been established since 1988 and covers medical treatment, detox, individual and group psychotherapy, complementary therapies, relapse prevention and aftercare.

Residential Treatment

A stay at one of our private rehab clinics lasts from four weeks to six months, depending on each patient’s individual assessment, severity of their addiction and treatment needs.

The programme starts with medical care and detoxification, alongside other therapies, where individuals interact with the therapeutic community. Each day is carefully planned so that our patients have a clear timetable and certain responsibilities to follow throughout the day. All medical attention and therapy sessions are conducted onsite, where patients sleep in private or shared rooms. Regular meals and healthy snacks are provided everyday.

Treatment is carried-out by a multidisciplinary team which includes consultant psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, addiction therapists and experts in fitness and other alternative therapies.

Items on the agenda for patients include:

  • One-on-one therapy,
  • Group therapy,
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT),
  • Lectures and educational talks on addiction coping skills,
  • Family counselling
  • Other specialist therapies including EMDR, grief therapy, PTSD therapy, eating disorder treatment.

Some of the complementary therapies we offer are:

For an overview of the treatment components, please visit our dedicated Treatment Experience section.

Dual Diagnosis

At Castle Craig clinic and Smarmore Clinic we strive to treat not only the addiction but also the root cause of the addiction and any factors that may increase the risk of relapse.

Dual diagnosis (also referred to as co-occurring disorders, or co-morbidity) is the medical term for a patient who suffers from an addiction complicated by another mental health problem e.g. depression, anxiety, executive burn-out, post-traumatic stress disorder, an eating disorder or a personality disorder.

Castle Craig’s Extended Care Programme is particularly helpful for dual-diagnosis patients, as it allows the patient to benefit from intensive therapy and long-term treatment when co-occurring disorders need to be treated. Our extended care facilities are situated onsite at Castle Craig. Patients may be referred to extended care after completing the first 4-6 weeks of primary treatment.

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