Castle Craig London refers patients to our residential drug and alcohol addiction clinics Castle Craig in Scotland, and Smarmore Clinic in Ireland, for inpatient addiction treatment.

Our bedrooms are designed to ensure privacy and comfort.


Our accommodation is designed to ensure privacy, comfort and stimulate recovery. Based on a patient’s individual medical assessment, a single or shared room will be arranged.

Our bedrooms offer ample personal space with storage for belongings, along with beautiful views of the countryside. At Castle Craig most rooms are en suite, some have an adjoining, private bathroom. At Smarmore Castle all rooms have an en suite bathroom.

Private rooms

Our private bedrooms are tastefully decorated to create a peaceful and comfortable setting. Beds are single with a comfortable spring mattress, soft carpet and elegant curtains, an armchair and a desk. 

Shared rooms

Shared bedrooms provide a particularly useful environment, facilitating mutual support and enhancing the treatment community spirit. Shared rooms offer patients the opportunity to open-up, share feelings and support each other, which in turn leads to greater strength and willingness to recover.

Shared rooms are a recommended safeguard for patients going through detox. They are also recommended for patients who suffer from dual-diagnosis conditions such as depression, anxiety or other mental health problems because it helps limit feelings of isolation.

Our shared rooms are all single-sex, containing two to four beds.