Equine Therapy for Residential Alcohol & Drugs Addiction Treatment

Why Horses?

Horses make ideal companions for psychotherapy because they can mirror and respond to human behaviour. Equine therapy develops trust, communication and recognition of feelings. It encourages patients to let go of controlling behaviours that block recovery and develop new coping skills for different situations in life.

Castle Craig and Smarmore Castle are ideally situated for this therapy, with dedicated pastures for the horses within a calm woodland setting.

How it Works

Patients are given a simple task such as: 'lead the horse back to the group without touching it' or 'work in a team to put a saddle on the horse'. You are not asked to ride the horses.

Our experienced equine therapist is present during these sessions to observe the interactions taking place. Afterwards the group discusses the way tasks were approached and the feelings encountered while performing it. 

Combined with Individual & Group Therapy

Equine therapy is highly effective in identifying new behavioural patterns which are addressed afterwards in individual and group therapy sessions. 

Equine Therapy is available at Castle Craig Hospital and Smarmore Castle in Ireland. 

How Equine Therapy can Benefit You

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Assertiveness and confidence                          

  • Improved social skills and communication

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Greater trust

  • Resilience

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Responding - not reacting

  • Managing anger and negative feelings.