Fitness and Healthy Living

Exercise is an integral part of the recovery routine for our alcohol and drug abuse patients. With daily exercise, be it a walk around the grounds, yoga in the gym or aqua therapy in the swimming pool at Smarmore Castle, you will experience an increased improvement in your quality of life, as well as a greater chance of recovery.

Recovering from addiction requires healing both mentally and physically. Exercise and a healthy diet strengthen the body, aiding withdrawal symptoms during detox and suppressing cravings for alcohol and drugs.

The physical benefits of exercise during recovery include: 

  • Weight loss and management,

  • Boosts in energy,

  • Better quailty sleep,

  • Improved circulation,

  • Increased appetite.

There are also psychological benefits of exercise that can speed up recovery such as:

  • Improved mood - boosts serotonin levels,

  • Reduced anxiety and depression,

  • Sharpened mental skills.