Castle Craig has over 30 years of professional experience in treating drug and alcohol addiction. We treat addiction as a chronic illness and abstinence as the goal underpinning a long-lasting recovery. Our patients benefit from an intensive personalised programme incorporating the 12 Steps, medical treatment, psychiatric therapy and complementary therapies.

This model has proven very effective; our latest independent research  shows that over 90% of our former patients live with reduced alcohol or drug use and 70% achieve long-term abstinence, this is complemented by an impressive 98% patient satisfaction rate.


Treatment begins when our medical staff evaluate a patient’s physical and mental health. This enables our consultant psychiatrist to ascertain their detoxification and prescription needs allowing us to devise an effective personalised treatment plan.

The medical team discusses individual cases as a group and also works with those close to the patient to obtain background information. Importantly, medical assessment does not end there; a patient’s health and wellbeing is monitored by our staff throughout their stay.

Castle Craig’s Treatment Model was developed over the past 30 years of the clinic’s vast practical experience. It comprises of 12-step facilitation based on the Minnesota model, alongside specialist therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and complementary therapies, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Arrival and Settling In 

Every effort is made to help patients feel comfortable and at ease with their new surroundings and fellow peers.

The treatment programme is structured so that patients have a daily schedule of medical careindividual or group therapy, educational lectures and activities as well as regular meals and sleep.

Upon arrival at one of our clinics, patients receive a Welcome Pack which includes:

  • An overview of the treatment programme;
  • Guidelines and procedures that patients must adhere to;
  • Details of their daily schedule, visiting times, etc;
  • Some written assessments and reading explaining the 12-Step treatment approach.

New patients are assigned a ‘mentor’ from within the patient community who will guide them in the first few days, show them around and introduce them to the rest of the peers.