Addiction Aftercare in London

An Essential Part of our Programme

Aftercare is an essential component of our treatment programme that minimises the risk of relapse. After completing residential addiction treatment in one of our inpatient clinics in Scotland or Ireland patients in London will have access to a carefully chosen team of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, recovery coaches and interventionists, to support them in their continuing recovery.   

We hold a free aftercare workshop every Wednesday evening on Thurloe Place.

Aftercare Plans

After treatment we do a number of things to ensure continuity of care for our London-based patients:

  • They leave treatment with a personalised two-year aftercare plan. This includes referral to specific relapse prevention groups, coping skills therapy and local support groups that help them identify personal relapse triggers and learn how to fight them;
  • We refer them back to their medical network i.e. GP, therapist, referring agent, occupational health physician, community addiction team;
  • We connect them to a recovery coach or sponsor within their local AA / NA fellowship, this is usually a former patient who provides support in the critical time following treatment;
  • We organise family therapy to rebuild damaged relationships and make sure that the patient has a healthy support network to ensure a life-long recovery;
  • We hold free weekly aftercare groups in London, every Thursday evening at 33 Thurloe Place. 

Aftercare Therapy at Castle Craig and Smarmore

Our former patients are welcome to visit us at Castle Craig and Smarmore for group aftercare sessions or individual aftercare therapy any time they need help. Every summer we organise a day-long reunion event where generations of ex-patients and their families meet up with staff and friends, listen to inspirational speakers and share their stories of recovery.

Contact us

For more information on all the services described above, please phone our London office on 020 3468 6602. Our consultants can recommend the right professionals and find the best treatment option for you.